The Audiologopedical Center deals with the assessment and treatment of high and low complexity communicative-linguistic disorders of logopedic relevance, in developmental and adult age.

The speech therapy service has been active within the Institute for the Deaf of Turin since 1999 as a center specialized in the treatment of deafness, integrating the decades-old educational tradition with modern deafness rehabilitation approaches (oralism, bimodalism, auditory-verbal therapies, ...).

Since 2001, the opening date of the Audiologopedic Center, as a direct emanation of the Institute for the Deaf of Turin, in addition to deafness, over 2,000 cases have been documented (evaluation and treatment) relating to the following disorders:

- Speech defects (dyslalias and phonological disorders)
- Language difficulties and delays (primary and secondary)
- Oral and verbal dyspraxias
- Swallowing disorders (atypical swallowing and dysphagia)
- Disfluences and stuttering
- Communication difficulties resulting from brain damage (aphasia and dysarthria)
communication disorders in cognitive insufficiencies
- Voice disorders (childhood and occupational dysphonies)
- Non-specific and specific learning disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, etc.
- Pervasive developmental disorders

Contact person: Dott.ssa Maria Gemma Loi
Contact: logopedia@istitutosorditorino.org