Since 2007, the Institute has been active in the field of European planning and international cooperation and can boast the implementation of over 30 projects of various types: Leonardo, Comenius, Grundvig, Erasmus +, Cosme, Horizon and others, throughout Europe and Africa.

The Institute is also a member of important European networks, including:

Hipen -
Enviter -
DLearn -
Let Her In - 

Direction: Enrico Dolza
Implementation: Carolina Carotta
Projects: Sofia Mastrokoukou
Young people: Andre Karl Ebouaney


In the Institute it is possible to record videos in sign language in a specially designed room with the right setting and color contrast for proper visibility of the signs.


Since 2007, the Institute has been committed to working with cultural and museum institutions to improve their accessibility and make their collections and events more accessible to the deaf.
We have collaborated with the Castello di Rivoli - Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin, the Museum of Traditional Crafts in Valle d'Aosta, Casa Cavazza, the Institution of Bologna. Museums and many others.
We have also participated in important European projects on the subject and collaborated in the drafting of the Manifesto for Accessible Culture: CLICK HERE.

The Institute offers a LIS -Italian interpreting service upon request from public institutions, companies and individuals, even at a distance.


The Institute of the Deaf of Turin has always had a well-stocked specialized library on the subject of deafness, created in the first years of its foundation mainly as a service to the teaching staff of the schools of the Institute itself.

The library has always been kept up to date, as shown by some cataloging attempts carried out in the past; in this way the book collection has been gradually enriched with documents, including course notes, special textbooks, audiological treatises and any kind of publication on deafness.

In 1999, a first reorganization of the volumes and journals was carried out, also combining in a single room the books kept in different areas of the Institute.

During a first analysis of the preserved materials, the great richness and importance of the book collection became immediately evident, especially as far as the oldest part of the library is concerned.

The stored material mainly consists of:
- essays and manuals on pedagogy and deaf rehabilitation;
- periodicals and specialized newspapers, both extinct and still published, numbering more than one hundred periodicals;
- specific articles from non-specialized periodicals and newspapers;
- diploma and specialization papers on deafness;
- vocabularies of sign language, many of which are foreign;
- laws, regulations, and circulars on disabilities;
- various paper materials such as leaflets, course announcements, conferences, advertisements for hearing aids.


Contact people: Cinzia Anastasia

Director of the Department: Enrico Dolza