The Audiologopedic Center is concerned with the evaluation and treatment of high and low-complexity communicative-linguistic disorders of logopedic relevance in developmental and adult age.

The logopedic service has been operating since 1999 within the Deaf Institute of Turin as a center specialized in the treatment of deafness, combining decades of educational tradition with modern approaches to deaf rehabilitation (oralism, bimodalism, auditory-verbal therapies, ...).

Since 2001, the inauguration date of the audiological center, directly derived from the Institute for the Deaf in Turin, in addition to deafness, over 2,000 cases have been documented (evaluation and treatment) related to the following disorders:

- Speech disorders (dyslalia and phonological disorders)

- Speech difficulties and delays (primary and secondary)

- Oral and verbal dyspraxias

- Swallowing disorders (atypical swallowing and dysphagia)

- Disfluencies and stuttering

- Communication disorders due to brain damage (aphasia and dysarthria) communication disorders due to cognitive insufficiencies

- Voice disorders (infantile and occupational dysphonia)

- Non-specific and specific learning disorders (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, etc.)

Contact person: Dott.ssa Maria Gemma Loi
Contact: logopedia@istitutosorditorino.org